Lufthansa Airbus A380 Turns Back To Munich Over The Atlantic

A Lufthansa Airbus A380 returned to Munich following reports of a cargo bay fire. Thankfully, everything was okay. Rather than diverting to Charles De Gaulle as planned, the aircraft carried on back to its origin in Munich.

Every now and again we report on a flight to nowhere. Lufthansa today operated another flight to nowhere when an Airbus A380 returned to Munich. The flight lasted four hours and 15-minutes, as it flew out to the Atlantic Ocean and back. The aircraft briefly squawked 7700 having turned back towards land. However, as the incident was resolved, the aircraft cancelled its emergency.

Around two hours after departing Lufthansa’s Munich hub, the aircraft made a U-turn above the Atlantic Ocean. The change in direction corresponded to a drop in speed of roughly 100 knots. A quarter of an hour after the turn the aircraft began to squawk 7700, the code for a general emergency. However, the emergency squawk was just eight minutes later before the A380 returned to the skies above French soil


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