Chinese Airlines Are Selling 3 Hour Flights For Just $4

Airlines around the world are feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. However, in China, the aviation market has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Now, there are domestic flights for as low as $4.

With reduced demand, carriers have largely cut down on flights. However, some air links do continue to operate within China. But, keeping those flights full is starting to be a challenge. Airlines are turning to a familiar playbook: cutting fares.

Chinese domestic flights for as low as $4

The South China Morning Post reports that Spring Airlines, a major low-cost carrier in China, is offering some flights for frequent flier members for as low as 29 yuan, or just over $4, for a one-way ticket.

American Airlines Operates Flight Crewed Solely By Jamaicans

American Airlines operated its first-ever flight crewed solely by Jamaicans on the weekend. The flight, of course, was to Jamaica.

An all Jamaican crew on AA2370

American Airlines flight AA2370 flew from Kingston to Miami on Sunday, 23 February 2020. There were two pilots and four flight attendants on board. They were all Jamaican.

Qantas CEO Sees Opportunity For 737 MAX To Join Qantas Fleet

The 737 MAX could be joining the Qantas fleet. That’s according to remarks made last week by the airline’s CEO, Alan Joyce. The Qantas chief sees the opportunity for a bargain with benefits for both Qantas and Boeing.

Qantas looking to replace existing 737-800 fleet

Qantas operates 75 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. These narrowbodies are the workhorse of the airline’s domestic fleet. However, they are starting to age. Last year, several Qantas 737s were grounded when cracks were found in their pickle forks.

The airline is looking to start replacing these 737-800 aircraft. On the airline’s metaphorical radar are aircraft from the A320 family and the 737 MAX. However, there’s the obvious issue of the 737 MAX having been grounded for nearly a year following two crashes that killed 346 people.

New Swiss airline FlyBair partners with Helvetic

A partially crowdfunded Swiss airline named “FlyBair”, to be headquartered in Switzerland’s capital Bern, says that it has partnered with regional carrier Helvetic Airways ahead of beginning service to European vacation destinations from May 2020.

FlyBair made headlines last November when it launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a carrier that would connect the Swiss capital to several holiday destinations in Spain, Italy and Greece during the peak summer travel season.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want A Ban On Jet Engine Sales To China.

President Donald Trump has indicated that he will not support a ban on jet engine sales to China. This comes after previous news indicated that the United States government could ban the sale of jet engines for China’s C919 jet.

Donald Trump does not support a ban on jet sales to China

Not too long ago, it appeared that the United States could ban the sale of jet engines and other aircraft parts to China. This would be a huge blow not just to some American companies, but also to a Chinese planemaker and Chinese airlines.

Asia Will Be The World’s Competition Ground For Turboprops

The role turboprop aircraft play in commercial aviation is often overlooked. Turboprops are frequently overshadowed by faster and sleeker jets. But turboprop aircraft play a vital role in connecting communities around the world.

A recent report in Skift says about one turboprop passenger aircraft is sold for every ten jet aircraft sold.

The turboprop market is dominated by ATR, a joint venture between Airbus and Italy’s Leonardo. It’s CEO, Stefano Bortoli, made a splash at the Singapore Airshow last week. The manufacturer not only made some sales, but it also spruiked the virtues of turboprops.

American Airlines Joins Southwest With 737 MAX Grounding

Just after United Airlines extended its forecasted 737 MAX grounding, American Airlines has followed suit. The American carrier has told that it does not expect the 737 MAX to be back in its schedule until the 18th of August 2020.

Next month will see the first anniversary of the Boeing 737 MAX grounding. The latest generation of the popular Boeing 737 family has been out of action since a second fatal crash of the type took 157 lives last March. As Boeing and the FAA continue to work towards the aircraft’s recertification, the re-entry to service date has been pushed back many times.

Boeing Gets No January Orders For The 1st Time In Over 50 Yea

Boeing has had its worst January in regards to aircraft sales in over 50 years. The American aircraft manufacturer clocked zero orders for new aircraft this January. According to Reuters, the last time this happened was in 1962.

Boeing hasn’t had the best of luck recently when it comes to orders. The manufacturer has faced delays in its 777X project in addition to the grounding of the 737 MAX. As a result, new aircraft orders at the company have been few and far between of late. In fact, since the 737 MAX grounding the company has only sold a few of the aircraft at the Dubai Airshow last November.

American Airlines Extends Hong Kong Flight Suspension

American Airlines has extended its suspension of flights to Hong Kong. The suspension is due to a fall in demand. Recently, flights to Hong Kong have seen a drop in demand due to ongoing protests, tied with the current coronavirus outbreak.

arlier today Virgin Australia announced that it was pulling out of flights to Hong Kong altogether. Now, American airlines has joined by saying that it will extend its suspension of flights to the Chinese Special Administrative Region. The suspension comes following a sharp drop in demand for tickets to Hong Kong across the board.

What’s the latest?

American Airlines has announced that it is increasing its suspension on flights to Hong Kong. The airline today announced that it would not fly to the city until February 21st at the earliest. This is when it intends to resume services from Dallas Fort Worth.